SASAII creates healthy, sustainable environments through purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) with a sense of community and connection. Managed by Eris Property Group,

investors can realise a financial return while contributing to social solutions that will benefit South Africa’s youth seeking tertiary education.

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Note: SASAII is not a “Fund”
(a) Legal form: a company registered in South Africa (b) Management: externally managed but by an institutional manager (Eris), not dependent on a management team; (c.) Fee Structure: fee structure is different from a that of PE funds (including no carry, which makes the arrangement less costly and better aligned); (d) IPO: Pursues a listing and an IPO.

Units on Cape Station – 3 085 bed

The purpose built student residence is configured in 4, 3 and 1 bedroom apartments whereby every student has their own lockable bedroom. Every apartment is complimented by its own kitchen and ablutions. The residence includes extensive lounge areas for students to relax and socialize in, dedicated quiet zones for studying as well as exciting outdoor activity areas such as fives football and action netball/baseketball! A dedicated cinema provides entertainment for movie nights which is further complimented by dozens of TV lounges scattered throughout the building.

The new precinct is located on the forecourt of the Cape Town Station fronting onto Adderley Street, which impressively is within a 1km radius of 30 tertiary education institutions. The largest of these is CPUT’s (Cape Peninsula of Technology) District 6 Campus, home to approximately 16,000 students.